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Buhir Rafiq’s Virtual Office Journey

We spoke with our customer Buhir Rafiq from Total Books about his business career and how we have supported the growth of his business. Many thanks to Buhir for his time and support since 2012.

From Humble Beginnings to Success

Buhir Rafiq started his accounting business 15 years ago after a successful career in industry and practice. With years of experience under his belt, he transitioned to self-employment and launched his firm of Bristol Accountants – Total Books, from his home office.

Finding the Perfect Office Space

Twelve years ago, Buhir moved into Easton Business Centre, thanks to a mentor who saw his potential. The shift from a home office to a professional setting was transformative, boosting his productivity and allowing him to serve his clients more effectively.

Why Easton Business Centre?

Easton Business Centre provided Buhir with a dedicated workspace, essential for meeting clients and managing operations. The professional environment and excellent facilities supported his business growth, helping him scale from a handful of clients to over 100.

The Impact

The move to Easton Business Centre was a game-changer for Buhir. The professional setting enhanced his business image, making it easier to attract and retain clients. The supportive community and infrastructure at the centre played a crucial role in his business’s success.

Why Choose Easton Business Centre?

Buhir said “If you’re looking for a professional office space that can help your business grow, consider Easton Business Centre. With its supportive community, excellent facilities, and professional environment, it’s the perfect place to take your business to the next level”.

Despite moving to Cardiff for family reasons, Buhir has maintained a strong presence in Bristol through the Easton Business Centre. He continues to serve his Bristol clients effectively, leveraging digital tools and a virtual office setup. This flexibility has allowed him to cater to his clients’ needs, regardless of location, further showcasing the benefits of having a base at Easton Business Centre

Buhir’s story is not just about business growth; it’s also about personal satisfaction. The move brought a sense of accomplishment and motivation, thanks to the supportive environment and excellent facilities at Easton Business Centre


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